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    Vases des Launes

  • A serie of terra cotta vases developed on the occasion of the exhibition of the 15th year anniversary of the Aram Gallery in London.

  • The vases are made with the simple principle of enrolling a plate of clay around a mold. Thanks to its plasticity the material allows a wide range of variations in the dimensions and the shapes of the vases.

    First developed in Salernes, a village from south of France historically specialized in the manufacturing of tiles, the vases are now produced in Villefranche-Sur-Saones, by the Ceramiques du Beaujolais.


    Cour des pieds carrés

  • Planning of the «cour des pieds carrés» of the Villa Noailles for Design Parade 2017.

  • The cour des pieds Carré is a reception courtyard situated at the East entrance of the Villa Noailles. Made of a terra cota tiles flooring organized around flowerbeds surrounded by a wall covered with whipped coating, this place of passage bears the aesthetic codes of the place but retains few visitors.

    The intervention consists in a series of benches designed to merge in the environnement. They allow the visitors to enjoy the place but they do not denature it.

    Savoir-faire du Var

  • Exhibition design realized for Design Parade 12 of Villa Noailles in 2017 for an exhibition about the know-how of tiles manufacturing in the Var region of the south of France.

  • Symphonia Harmoniae

  • Set design and product design for the performance and the interpretation of the psaumes of Hildegarde Von Bingen by Marie-Pierre Brébant and François Chaignaud during the Fashion festival of Villa Noailles in april 2016. Costumes design by Mareunrols.

  • Launching of Typologie nº1

  • Exhibition designed realized on the occasion of Typologie nºq1 during the London Design Festival at the Jasper Morrison Shop. The exhibition was realized with the Collections Typologie team. The boules presented are part of the Obut Collection.

  • Typologie, the pétanque ball

  • Typologie is a publication about everyday objects. It is realized with Guillaume Bloget, Raphaël Daufresne and Guillaume Jandin. The first issue focused on the Pétanque ball and was developed with la Boule Obut. It is co-published by Editions B42 and the Collections Typologie.

  • This an annual publication about everyday objects is broadening common perceptions of familiar things by encouraging its audience to see them anew. Composed of 64 pages and published in a french and in an english version, each issue focuses on one object. It explores its secrets by documenting their manufacture,

    detailing their history, highlighting their enduring relevance and discovers its univers through the eyes of designers, producers and the passionate end user.


    Seaside Bench

  • Seaside bench is an exterior bench designed for the beach of Saint-Pierre-en-Port, in Normandy. It was rewarded with the special prize of the jury at Design Parade 11 at Villa Noailles in July, 2016.

  • This small typical beach of Normandie is surrounded by high chalk cliffs and protected by a concrete dam which does not let much natural space to take a sit. To fit this environnement, seaside bench revisits a common type of bench from the north seaside composed of wood and concrete.

    The seat and the backrest are made in cedar. This weather proof wood turns grey after a few month outside matching the natural aspect of concrete. The concrete base is the most direct way to hold the boards together and to connect it to the ground. It is reinforce by a rebar later used to fix it into the ground. The circular section of the base is influenced by the use of a two part mold and reveals the sculptural potential of the concrete. Its volume is derived from concrete’s coating regulations on the seaside. The boards are screwed and can be changed easily.

    Photos credits : Kevin Pinsembert

    Exhibition display

  • An industrial exhibition display for non dedicated places. Thought as an alternative to the so often used steal grids, it takes advantage of the transparency of a micro-perforated fabric to provide a light and neutral background for showing art.

  • The main feature of this system is the pre-constrained coated mesh which supports high weight without loosing its shape. It allows to hang frames and canvas thanks to a small hook designed to fit inside the pattern of the mesh. It is supported by an dismountable

    aluminium structures hold by two concrete bases.



  • Fifteen text about some aesthetics experiences that shaped my way of seeing.

  • Objects I manipulate, spaces that surrounds me and Images I watch are as many experiences that shape my imaginary and impregnate my projects. This series of text focuses on those who influenced me the most. Among them, a picture of the Big Stone Game of Enzo Mari, a Wooden Shaker bench, a Corrida in Seville, the Abbay of

    Jumiéges, the Nakashima Foundation for peace in Pennsylvania, an undefined aluminium object and so on.


  • Andréa is a range of coffee cup designed with Alexandre d’Orsetti. It was rewarded with the second prize of the Porcelaine Coffee Cup design competition of Limoges.

  • The design is conceived for bars and restaurants. The casting process allows for a double wall shape that insulates the hand, increases stability and locks the cups together when stacked. It is produced in three sizes, expresso, cappuccino and Latte.

    Black Panel

  • Black Panel is a collection of furniture in black mdf developed with the support of Isoroy and Kronakoblenz. It was designed in collaboration with Guillaume Bloget.

  • Black panel explores the aesthetic and the technical solutions of assembling industrial semi-products whose precisions and standard dimensions allows for perfectly adjusted

    joinery. A shelf, a bench, a space divider, a pair of trestles and a box form together a monochrome decor, a background that gives way to the animation of daily life.


    Pine Bench

  • Pine Bench was designed for an interior in New-York. It is made of two standard pine boards cut three times and nailed together.