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    Savoir-faire du Var

  • Exhibition design for Design Parade 12 of Villa Noailles. It presented the know-how of tiles manufacturing in the Var, a southern region of France.

  • Launching of Typologie nº1

  • Exhibition designed with the Collections Typologie on the occasion of the launch of Typologie nº1 during the London Design Festival at the Jasper Morrison Shop. The boules presented are part of the Obut Collection.

  • 2016

    Exhibition display

  • An industrial exhibition display for non dedicated places. Developped with the support of Serge Ferrari.

  • Thought as an alternative to the so often used steal grids, it takes advantage of a pre-constrained coated mesh that can supports high weight without loosing its shape and allows to hang frames and canvas thanks to a small hook designed to fit inside the pattern of the mesh.

    It is supported by an dismountable aluminium structures hold by two concrete bases. Together it provides a light and neutral background for showing art.