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    Typologie nº1, the pétanque ball

  • The first issue of a publication about everyday objects realized with the Collections Typologie. Developed with la Boule Obut and co-published by Editions B42 and the Collections Typologie.

  • This annual publication about everyday objects is broadening common perceptions of familiar things by encouraging its audience to see them anew. Composed of 64 pages and published in a french and in an english version, each issue focuses on one object.

    It explores its secrets by documenting their manufacture, detailing their history, highlighting their enduring relevance and discovers its univers through the eyes of designers, producers and the passionate end user.



  • Fifteen text about some aesthetics experiences that shaped my way of seeing.

  • Objects I manipulate, spaces that surrounds me and Images I watch are as many experiences that shape my imaginary and impregnate my projects. This series of text focuses on those who influenced me the most. Among them, a picture of the Big Stone Game of Enzo Mari, a Wooden Shaker bench, a Corrida in Seville, the Abbay of

    Jumiéges, the Nakashima Foundation for peace in Pennsylvania, an undefined aluminium object and so on.